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Effective 1 SEP 2017 - Trailers Exceeding 7,500 Pounds Actual Gross Weight or Registered Weight For are required to be Inspected Annually.

EXEMPTIONS: Trailers Registered for Farm Use

For a more detailed explanation of each item of inspection, go to "Items of Inspection"

*******    Provide CURRENT "ACTIVE" INSURANCE on the vehicle which is pulling the trailer    ******* 

1. Brake system ( trailers with a GVW over 7500 lbs. must have brakes on at least one axle.

2. Tires

3. Wheel Assembly

4. Safety Flaps, if four tires or more on rear axle) Pole Trailers exempt.

5. Tail Lamps (2)

6. Stop Lamps (2)

7. License Plate Lamp (1) Must be visible for 50 feet

8. Rear Red Reflectors (2)

9. Turn Signal Lamps (2)

10. Clearance Lamps (if height limits are met)

11. Side Marker Lamps

12. Side Reflectors

13. Side Marker Lamps and Reflectors (30 feet or more in overall length).

14. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required to be on ALL vehicles. The inspection can not be done if the VIN is not on the vehicle.   If your trailer has not been assigned a state VIN, you must obtain one prior to having an inspection.  For more information, Contact  (903) 593-6090 (527 W. Erwin, Tyler, TX). You will need to take your trailer here fist. They only offer this service on Mondays at 9AM. The VIN number must be on the trailer prior to getting an inspection.