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Texas State Vehicle Inspection Stickers - Removing the Confusion                                           

Kenneth Jones- Pine Tree Inspections – 606 Pine Tree Rd.  Longview, TX

Does your annual vehicle inspection have you dazed and confused?  I will try to remove the confusion from vehicle inspections.  Visit the DPS Air Check website for complete information. www.txdps.state.tx.us/vi/

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I make an appointment for a state inspection?

A. No. We are not allowed to take appointments for state inspections. State Inspections are performed on a first come, first served basis. During certain periods of the month, there may be a lengthy wait for state inspections. Generally, try to avoid the lat  2 days and the first 5 days of the month, if you are in a hurry. Since State Inspectrions are our only service, the wait is never very long. Make sure you have a current insurance card to save time.

Q. Will my vehicle pass inspection if the “Check Engine”, “Service Engine Soon” or the international engine symbol light is on?

A. Yes, It will pass in a non-emission county, such as Gregg County & the surrounding area.:  it will not pass inspection in any of the emission testing counties in Texas. 

Q.  I have dark tint on my windows, will my vehicle pass inspection?

A. Effective Sept., 2009, All vehicles must have at least 25% of light transmittance on the windows immediately to the right and left of the driver. Unfortunately the new rule does not have a grandfather clause and their is a zero tolerence on the meter reading. See mor in our New Rules Section. 

Q.  My rear view mirror is missing; will this be cause for rejection? 

A.  Not if the vehicle is equipped with one mirror located as to reflect to the driver a view of the highway for a distance of at least 200 feet to the rear of the vehicle.

Q. Why did my gas cap cause my car to fail the inspection?

A.  All vehicles 2-24 years old are tested to determine if the gas cap is missing or defective.  Over time some gas caps can become defective and need to be replaced.  You can purchase gas caps at your local Auto Parts store if needed

Q. What is the Inspection Grace Period?

A.  The grace period pertains to registering your vehicle .  You have five business days after yoyr registration expires.

Q.  My ABS light is on; will that cause my vehicle to fail inspection?

A.  Anti-lock (ABS) lamp or signal which is on or comes on during test will not be cause for rejection.

Q. Do I need my Insurance card to have my vehicle inspected?

A. Yes. The owner or operator of a vehicle shall present evidence of Financial Responsibility to the inspection station prior to inspection. 

Q. Can I get an inspection if it is raining or snowing?

A. Yes, brake test are permitted when it is raining, snowing or when the brake surfaces are wet.  As long as the certified inspector feels that they can safely and accurately check the brakes.  But no inspections are permitted when the brake test areas are icy.

Q.  Are seatbelts always a required item of inspection?
A.  Seatbelts are a required item of inspection, on those vehicles in which front seat belt anchorages were a part of the manufacturer’s original equipment. The front seat lap belts and anchorages are inspected.

Q.  My windshield is cracked, will my vehicle pass inspection?

A.  The windshield is NOT an item of the inspection, but the wiper blades must make proper contact with the windshield.  Be sure that the crack does not cause the wipers to tear and that the crack has not caused the windshield to become concave or convex so the wipers loose contact with the windshield.

Q.  My vehicle failed the inspection and I was requested to pay the fee, why?

A.  The Vehicle Inspection Act states that the inspection fee shall be charged whether or not the vehicle presented for inspection passes or fails.  You will have 15 days from the date of rejection to make the necessary adjustment or repairs and return to the original inspection station for one free re-inspection.

Q.  Is my vehicle required to be emissions tested?

A. All Texas registered vehicles are required to receive an annual inspection. All inspections include a comprehensive safety inspection; however some vehicles are required to have an emissions test in addition to the safety inspection.  Your vehicle must be emissions tested if it is gasoline powered, 2 – 24 years old and the vehicle is registered, primarily operated, or presented for inspection in Brazoria, Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, El Paso, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Johnson, Kaufman, Montgomery, Parker, Rockwall, or Tarrant counties

Q. Will my vehicle be rejected  if my spedometer or odometer does not work?

A. No, the speedometer and/or the odometer is not an item of inspection.

Q. Are the backup lights an item of inspection?

A. No, The backup lights are not required.

Q. I have noticed headlights and tail light lens that are tinted  or painted black. Is this allowed?

A. NO. Any vehicle with tinted, smoked or painted lens will be rejected.

Q. Is the rear wiper blade required to pass inspection?

A. No. Only the front windshield wiper blades are an item of inspection.